Are You Treading On Eggshells In Your Own Business?

Are You Treading On Eggshells In Your Own Business?

Are you feeling EMPOWERED in your salon business?
Or more like you’re walking on egg shells.

Let me tell you now, the latter is more common – but the first is far more important.  It’s so common for Salon Owners to feel like their staff are ruling the roost. They turn up cocky, they call the shots and you kind of bow to their behaviour.


It Stops Now.


I know as a salon owner it can be daunting and terrifying especially when your staff have hot heads and a know it all attitude, it can make it tricky for you to play the BOSS role.


You’re afraid that by putting staff in their place or enforcing rules and expectations on them it will cause upset and they might leave – likely taking clients with them.
But you can’t run a business out of fear. And 9 times out of 10, your staff will respect you for laying the ground rules.


You are the owner of your salon, you make the rules and they play by your game. After all, if it wasn’t for you, they wouldn’t have a job that pays for their lifestyle.


The best way to address issues within the team is in a team meeting, this way you aren’t singling anyone in particular out and the whole team is on the same page and has the same understanding.


Going into the meeting armed with a contract for each of them to sign, stating that they understand the new rules and processes and that they will comply otherwise warnings will be issued. Take back the power in your business.


Create new systems, protocols and checklists that need to be followed day in and day out. Make sure YOU are clear on what you want so you can relay that message CLEARLY to your staff. If you aren’t confident in your delivery of new systems, then your staff won’t take you seriously and will continue to carry on as usual.


You can own, and rule the roost.

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