1-1 Coaching

You’re a hard working salon owner who has
created something from nothing…

Despite what others say, you’ve backed yourself and taken your business to its current level. But you’re now ready to take it to the next.

You are proud of what you have achieved, but those around you, your partner, your family, your friends…. don’t really get what the cost is or what it truly takes to do it alone in small business. The love of what you do keeps you going, but it’s not so much fun now, and at times you feel like throwing it all in.

Why? When did you get so lost?

You LOVE what you do and you’re DAMN good at it,

but you want more…

MORE Time To Work On Your Business...

MORE Time With Your Loved Ones...

MORE Money Coming Through The Door...

MORE Freedom To Do What You Love...

What You Get:

Fortnightly 1-1 Mentor Sessions with laser focus on your business to FAST-TRACK RESULTS!

You will have access to Weekly Q&A Sessions & Training Masterclasses by Guest Industry Experts hosted live in our Private Facebook Group.

You will have access to online trainings and modules covering everything from ‘Knowing Your Numbers’, ‘Budgeting’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Client Retention’ and SO MUCH MORE!

What Our Coaching Clients Say…

This is for you if…

You’re a Hair Stylist, Beauty Therapist or a Salon Owner who LOVE their clients and is ready to FAST TRACK YOUR RESULTS and be shown how to get people more through the door.

You’re ready to learn how to run business side of your salon and start making the most of each client to earn more income.

You’re ready to get results by making some changes. You know that you need to take action…..and you’re ready to be shown the way!

Meet Louise

My name is Louise May and I am your salon mentor.
I have a long history of successful salon ownership and am also the editor of Hair Biz Magazine.
I created the Academy as a way to support salon owners in the most effective way possible.
It’s always been my mission to help business owners go from bogged down and stressed to confident and comfortable. Success isn’t always defined by 7 figures! You might just be happy to get to 80K per year and that is perfectly fine!
My purpose is to make sure you are PROFITABLE – regardless of what your financial goals are. Because so many businesses are bringing in a lot of money but don’t have any left at the end of each week and have no idea where it’s all going! I don’t want you to get caught in that cash flow trap!

Louise May

Salon Owner, Business Coach
and Educator

Why am I doing this? I have been where you are and I know that I can help you.  Most importantly, I don’t want you to waste your time and I know you don’t want to waste mine. You have researched, searched and invested enough time and money already and I believe in a positive return on investment in business.

Ready To Get Started?

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Investment: $150 / Week (AUD)

We can’t wait to work with you.