About Us

The Educated Owner is an Online Learning platform
helping Hair & Beauty Salon Owners take charge
of their skills and business.

You’re a salon owner and you’re frustrated, tired and quite frankly over it! You want more time to work on the business and really want to increase your cashflow! You also want more time for your loved ones and also for yourself! The problem is you’re working full-time on the floor, always busy and you feel stuck!

It really sucks living week to week! Constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul… it’s at the point where it scares you to even log into your bank account, as you know what you are going to be faced with… If only you knew how to change this!

You seem to be the one who is constantly booked out and you wish you felt confident enough to offload your clientele to your staff. Your staff are doing OK and they think they are too, but you know that you are far from capacity! You are trying so hard to keep on top of everything but it’s so hard when you are full-time on the floor.

Retail and re-bookings are terrible because you don’t have time to focus on it and you aren’t consistent with staff goals because you find it hard to look after everything!

And…. Social media!! OMG, Who has time for that??

You keep going like a hamster on a wheel and don’t know how to make that leap from being on the floor to being the business owner & entrepreneur you dreamed of when you first started out!
We get you…

Louise is a qualified stylists & salon owner, educator & salon menton. She has over 30 years experience and loves being a part of this amazing industry, and knows exactly how much hard work, long hours are involved and knows the relentless highs and lows of being a business owner.

You are going to learn how to be the leader in your salon and how to strengthen and build your business by implementing step by step systems, which every salon needs to build the foundations and framework of the business and have success.

The past 3 years have been spent developing the strategies and ironing out what works and most importantly what doesn’t.

We have now opened up this tried and tested process to entrepreneurial salon owners who are ready to take action, to implement and get the results they want.

Xo Louise

Meet Louise

My name is Louise May and I am your salon mentor.
I have a long history of successful salon ownership and am also the editor of Hair Biz Magazine.
I created the Academy as a way to support salon owners in the most effective way possible.
It’s always been my mission to help business owners go from bogged down and stressed to confident and comfortable. Success isn’t always defined by 7 figures! You might just be happy to get to 80K per year and that is perfectly fine!
My purpose is to make sure you are PROFITABLE – regardless of what your financial goals are. Because so many businesses are bringing in a lot of money but don’t have any left at the end of each week and have no idea where it’s all going! I don’t want you to get caught in that cash flow trap!

Salon Owner, Business Mentor
and Educator