How Do I Fire My Client?

How Do I Fire My Client?

Flicking through my news feed this morning as I sipped on my coffee I came across this very question in a Hairdressing group & it also went something like this…


She’s never happy and constantly complains because her red colour fades too quickly and I am over it.


I’ve had enough of her ringing me and telling me it’s washed out and “I am sick of redoing it”


A whole bunch of keyboard warriors jump on then and all give their 10 cents worth, telling her all the different ways she can get rid of her client..


What baffles me though, is it turns out that the client hasn’t been using professional salon products as her home maintenance regime,she has been using cheap supermarket stuff!


So this hairdresser has been redoing her client’s colour all this time (FOR FREE) might I add!! because it fades so fast… (Gee..I wonder why that is???)


I can’t believe that there are so many salons who


A) Don’t recommend retail
B) Don’t carry out a proper consultation
C) Don’t guarantee their chemical work


How can a Salon guarantee their chemical work if the client is not using the recommended products that need to be used to keep the hair maintained properly?


How many Salons are losing SHITLOADS of money due to failing to do their jobs properly??


Come on guys….


Are you that afraid of retailing that you would rather go broke doing FREE redo’s??




Is it more that you and your staff are struggling with retail and need help with learning how to retail properly?

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