Drop the Hustle

Drop the Hustle

I see you there, struggling, hustling, trying to do all the things and make it work.


It’s way harder than you thought it’d be. You were working for someone else and you are soooo good at what you do, but you saw the boss raking it in so you thought “it can’t be that hard” and decided to go out on your own…


Trust me, I know. I’ve been there too.

You’re so good at what you do, but all this hustle, it’s making you feel like you suck.

You’re feeling run down, you never have time for friends, family, children… It’s really hard being a business owner.


Don’t worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m going to give you a tip that I want you to remember for life…




Hustling will make you burn out, resent your work and resent your clients. You don’t want that.


I want you to keep loving what you do. You’re so good at it!


But there are few things that need to be set in place first.

Create systems around the things you do so when you’re ready to outsource and get support, you are already ready to go and that transition will be seamless.

Block out specific times to Prioritise your work.

work on specific tasks instead of trying to do everything at once.

Ask for help. Get support from people around you when possible.


I know the feeling of needing to think of something to post on social media so you can keep your engagement up… But you’re so frazzled from your day that you can’t think straight.


Here’s a tip I’ll give you for free 😉


Schedule your social media out! So you only have to think about it once a week or even less frequently depending how organised you are.


Have a plan for your social media and your marketing, know in advance what you want to promote so you can create content around that to support your promotions.


This can have a massive impact on your productivity and sales because you don’t have to think too hard and you’re creating predictable and consistent content for your audience.


Schedule your diary each week in advance and block out time to work ON the business vs. IN the business.


Remember, consistency is key. Less is more. The simpler you make things, the better.

And the things that are hard for you, outsource them. Even if you think you’re not ready.
Things like bookkeeping.


Louise x

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