Creating Raving Fans & How It Can Help Your Business

Creating Raving Fans & How It Can Help Your Business

In our last blog, we mentioned creating Raving Fans and how important it is.


Getting this aspect of your business right is what’s going to set you apart from all of the others in your industry.

What is good customer service to you?

– fast service, cheapest price.
– the way you answer the phone or greet your client at the door.


While yes, these are elements of customer service – this is not what’s going to wow your client, because shock horror, every business answers the phone and greets you when you walk in the door.


What are you doing in the salon that is making your clients walk away thinking WOW did that really just happen? That was amazing! I need to tell everyone about that.


People say they want the cheapest price or they want to be in and out – but what they really really really want is to feel like they are valued, appreciated and respected. Not just another number. Now they say they want the cheapest price – but people will pay more to feel these positive feelings over paying less to be another number that’s in and out with no love at all.


If you really want raving fans – price and speed are not going to be the defining elements of your business that get you there.


There is a word that I really want you to think about when you think about how you can provide outstanding customer service and create raving fans: DELIGHT.


What can you do to DELIGHT your clients?


Here are some ideas of things that you could implement into your business that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or time but will make a world of difference to the way your client feels when they leave your salon.


  • A free pedicure in their birthday month, vouchers are dead. So many businesses give away a birthday gift voucher but they are thoughtless and unappreciated. Take a look at what your client gets regularly and give them that for free when they come in for an appointment around their birthday. This isn’t something you have to advertise either, just quietly mention to them when their bday is coming up that you would to
    do that for them “we can do it today for you, or we can reserve a time for you to come in when it’s closer to your birthday so it’s fresh for you”


  • A hand or foot massage when they are getting another service done such as lash or brow tinting, a hair treatment or even a waxing service.
  • A glass of wine or barista made coffee at a hair appointment (you could create a relationship with a local coffee shop or buy your own coffee machine and train up your staff members to use it properly)

These are just some tiny suggestions that would make an outstanding difference in the way your clients feel about you and talk about you to their friends and family.
You want to be that business that people pay a little bit more to come to and drive a little bit further to come to for their appointment.


What are you going to implement into your business to start generating raving fans?

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