Do Your Staff Own You?

Do Your Staff Own You?

I was talking to a salon owner that had contacted me over the weekend about some issues in her business that she needs help with.


One of her major issues is that she feels very intimidated by a  staff member.


She often feels like she is treading on eggshells and she is constantly giving in to demands so there is no confrontation.


Now this salon owner is feeling really down.


She is working on the floor full time.


She is a wife & also a mum to 3 kiddies.


She is the busiest out of all the staff in the salon.


She wants to be able to offload some of her clients to her team so she can have some time to focus on building the business but doesn’t feel confident that her staff will look after them like she does.


She knows that when the cat’s away the mice do play!


She also knows the salon is capable of so much more but she just feels like giving up because it’s all too hard.


Where did it all go wrong?


How did this salon owner go from being the boss to being owned by the staff?


As salon owners unfortunately one of the major issues is that we desperately want to be liked by our staff members.


So we find ourselves saying yes to every request we get!


Can I have this day off each week?…. yes sure!


Can I take this Saturday off for this thing I have on?…. yes sure!


Can I take a week off in our busiest time?…. yes sure!


You know what I mean, right?


So what happens is that it starts to become expected as there are no boundaries in place from day one and if you say no then hell breaks loose.


It is ok to be friends with your staff! I am still to this day very close friends with my staff from my  salons  that I owned.


I have been invited to their engagements, weddings, New years Eve parties , 21st birthdays and girlie weekends away.


The thing is that your  staff need to know that when they walk through that salon door to start work that it’s showtime!


It becomes very hard when there are no policies and procedures in place from the beginning.


If there are no salon rules set in place from the beginning and if the goal posts change all the time then there will always be issues.


Many salon owners that I speak to do not have a policies and procedures manual in their business.


Many salon owners that I speak to and also help have big issues when it comes to staff.


Do you have rules & boundaries in your salon?


Are you having issues with staff?


Do you have balance?

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