Are Your Rules Rock Solid?

Are Your Rules Rock Solid?

Think of your business as an iron cage and the bars of the cage are your rules that you set both unconsciously and consciously.


These rules are solid and unbreakable.


For example: Turning up for work on time, mobile phones to be kept in bag/locker and on silent during work hours, suitable dress code, consistent goal setting.


You need to make sure that your team members understand their responsibility with their position,


not only in the work they do but in their behaviour and in other areas of your employment relationship.


Employers and employees have shared obligations for creating respectful and courteous workplaces.


Employers want a productive workforce that manages its performance and achieves results.


Employees want to work in a place where:

  • they know what is expected of them
  • the workplace is safe and they are treated fairly
  • their skills and contribution are recognised and valued
  • training and development support career progression
  • they can work harmoniously with others.


If the rules are carefully selected, clearly related to the business and fairly enforced, they can help you to better manage your work place and your team members.


Build your rules around the way you want it to look from the start, set expectations clearly, know what they are so that the team knows and understands the rules completely.


Positive workplaces are built by consistently respectful behaviour and clear expectations of employees.


What rules will you set for your business?

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